New exciting couple on 90210!

The newest couple on 90210 is getting more and more fans week by week. It's getting even more and more interesting...You know which couple I'm talking about, don't you? It's Dixon and Adrianna (or as we like to call them DIXANNA). The "bad bitch" from the series, who screwed Silver's anti-bipolar medicine, and the "new drug addict boy" are having an undeniable conection. Some fans have been waiting 3 entire seasons to see those two happening. While some of us were absolutely surprised to realize that this unexpected couple has more chemistry than most of the pairs created throughout all the series.
Dixon and Adrianna FTW (For The Win)!!! We know we love them, don't we? Let's watch the rest of the season to find out what is going to happen with our favorite unexpected couple from 90210.
I post one of the HOTTEST scenes I've ever seen in my whole life! Enjoy it, my ladies!
You know you love me, XOXO