Gossip Girl

Dare to Dair or facing love with Chair? 

New unexpected couple on Gossip Girl! You know who I am talking about, don't you? Lonely Boy and Queen B! Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf have started an unusual friendship last season 4, but now on season 5, D has developed very strong feelings for B. The ultimate question is: ¿Does Blair have the same feelings for Dan?
We, fans, are absolutely sure the answer is a YES, but B hasn't made any move yet, so we'll have to wait.
This unexpected couple has created a big war within GG fans. Some of them ship the starring couple from the very beginning of the show, a.k.a Chuck&Blair, and others have taken sides with the new couple, a.k.aDan&Blair.

This war has created a lot of division into the Gossip Girl world. The "eternal lovers" shippers and the "new real conection friends" shippers. We know Chair has more history together, but that doesn't mean Dair doesn't have great chemistry and a great build up love story.

Why can't we love both? Why do we have to choose between both? Dair and Chair are amazing pairs, they havean undeniable chemistry and a great love story.
So, who do you love more? Chuck&Blair or Dan&Blair?
I guess we'll have to wait for the writers to decide whether they make Queen B & Dark Knight endgame or they give a chance to make Lonely Boy & Queen B last forever.
Well, my darlings, it's time to go. But don't worry I'll keep you in touch.
You know you love me, XOXO